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2019. 7. 8. · Engine Swap - M30. The M30 engine was BMW's Big Six engine. It was the older, bigger brother to the Baby Six M20 engine fitted to 320i and 325i E30 models, and offers much bigger displacement and superior torque. Aside from the increased bulk, the M30 is a relatively simple engine to work on, and powered performance E30 models such as the Alpina. In the name of family. == Mod Info ==. BMW M5/M8 S63 V8 Engine Sound v1.0. Commissioned by: personal project. Changelog: 1.0 - Debut release. Requirements: -All vanilla dlcpacks up to mptuner (Los Santos Tuners) for SP. -A FiveM server build that supports the Los Santos Tuners assets for FiveM.

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